Building’s Electronic Identity issue

Our company undertakes the issue of the Building’s Electronic Identity in accordance with the current legislation. The process involves the collection and registration of all the required information for the land / field and the property on a digital platform. This includes basic licenses and property
titles relevant to a building or a horizontal property. The Building’s Electronic ID is kept electronically in the relevant Electronic Registry operated by the Technical Chamber of Greece. The next step includes the provision of the Building / Property Identity Certificate having a unique Building / Property ID code and authentication key. This Identity is the imprint of the technical folder of the property with all its details.

Towards the digital transformation of the construction sector, our company offers the Digital Construction & BIM service which can create a Digital Twin of new and existing buildings using the BIM technology. The Digital Twin is essentially a virtual replica of a physical component or entity and is a link between a real-world object and its digital representation. This means a digital twin can have many useful applications ranging from initial concept and design, through to continuous monitoring, fault detection and maintenance planning, and testing of new ideas. In the built environment, it enables full construction supervision by the manager / owner to optimise actions throughout the project life cycle. At the same time, it enables the data integration from Building Management Systems (BEMS, IoT).

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