Implementation of the “Energy Savings at Home” subsidy program

The “Energy Savings at Home” subsidy program provides financial incentives to property owners (houses, blocks of flats or individual apartments) to improve the energy efficiency of their home, saving money and energy. To apply for the program, building owners must meet specific income criteria and buildings must be of low energy category. To qualify for the program, the beneficiary must collect the required documentation and appoint an accredited Energy Assessor, who will issue the Energy Performance Certificate of the building.

A building to be considered eligible and be included in the program, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be used as the main residence, as indicated by the Tax Declaration (E1) of the person using it.
  • Be legitimate.
  • Have been classified by the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in a category less than or equal to Δ.
  • Have not been found as in need of demolition by the authorities.

Ηaving gained extensive experience in the technical studies, project management and construction, our company has now the ability to carry out the full package of works for the “Energy Savings at Home” program. Our engineers supervise the works during all construction phases, we coordinate and deliver the project to you with all the required certificates, and we train you for the correct use of the new equipment. The great number of well-executed projects and our satisfied customers are a commitment to our efficient and responsible work.

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