Private and Public sector developments

During the last 20 years, Techniki Anaptixi A.T.E.B.E. specialises in the design and construction of both private and public sector projects. Having been involved in various and challenging developments, from the conception to their handover, Techniki Anaptixi A.T.E.B.E. with its professional team of construction management engineers belongs to the most experienced and competitive companies in the industry. The design and construction of private projects mainly includes high-rise buildings, private homes, office spaces, industrial projects and tourism infrastructure facilities. The construction of public works includes buildings’ development, plumbing works, energy works – industrial projects, road construction projects, urban regenerations, etc.

Throughout these years, our company has gained extensive experience and technical knowledge which has enabled us to forge strong relationship with our clients for the successful completion of a construction project that combines high quality, lower costs and on-time completion.

Case Studies
Selected Works

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