Our company recognises that its activities have an impact on the Environment and is committed to reduce that impact by giving priority on the environmental protection and adopting environmental guidelines and procedures that support sustainable development. Having as guidelines our vision and corporate values, we implement a certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015 by continually improving the goals and objectives of our strategy.

The Environmental Policy of our company is based on the following principles:

Our business activities comply with all relevant Regulatory and Legislative requirements, Codes of Practices and internal company procedures.
Commitment of a policy of active prevention of pollution and occupational hazards as well as a systematic analysis of all incidents.
Safety and Environmental Protection is the responsibility of each one of us.
The staff of the company, our suppliers and sub-contractors are aware of this Policy and ensure they apply similar practices with proper regard to the protection of the Environment
We measure our performance in terms of Health, Safety and Environment and we are committed to continuous
We research, develop and apply technologies that minimise our environmental impact and minimise waste generation.
We have set short-term and long-term objectives which are documented, reviewed and communicated to all of our employees and associates of the company each year.

The Company’s Management is committed to provide all the necessary tools and human resources to achieve the company’s objectives, for staff training, for equipment improvement, improvement and continuous flow of know-how and continuously meeting the needs that arise so that all stakeholders implement and comply with this Policy.

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